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Founded by Harris Muhammad since 2012, was born in the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 1979. Since very young he has been very fond of all types of car racing games. The first car game he practiced was the Grand Prix Circuit (1988) which was released by Accolade, when the computer was still using the MS-DOS operating system. Since then it has also played all types of game consoles, such as ATARI, Nintendo, Play Station, Play Station 2 and others.

Graduating from high school, Harris went on to a higher level at the Bandung Institute of Technology (Architecture-ITB). Harris proves that his hobby does not interfere with his studies, 2 semesters he gets almost perfect, almost all subjects get an A. Harris starts to get the science of design, learn various software to design.

After graduating from college, despite his profession as an architect, Harris’s hobby playing all kinds of car racing games remained strong, even after having 2 children, his passion grew stronger. Plus the fondness for the automotive world, he had wrestled with the automotive world. Several times participated in the race at the Sentul International Circuit and involved in illegal races in the area where he lives.

Due to limited funds, Harris racked his brains so he could still feel the atmosphere of car racing competition.

Harris’s first race on the simulation platform was in 2011, a year later he made a racing team whose name changed several times. In 2014-2017, Harris became the main admin at Sim Racer Indonesia (SRI) and several times released the cockpit simulator design and successfully appreciated to the world level. One of the designs has been mass produced in the UK, and has clients across continents. Not only that Harris has worked a lot to create virtual circuits such as Sentul International Circuit, Lippo Village, and utilized thousands of simracing hobbyist throughout the world. In 2017, Harris decided to focus on designing the simulation racing cockpit and holding world-class competitions.

In the end of 2018 and until now the name of the team uses HM Engineering.

Principal/Owner: Harris Muhammad (IDN)
Manager: Harley Hamnett (AUS)

Driver list (alphabetical order):

Alexander Lauritzen (DNK)

Anton Gullich (DNK)

Colin Caresani (NLD)

Corentin Guinez (FRA)
Craig Baxter (SCO)
Danto Suprapto (IDN)
Eddy Gustina (NLD)
Erick Chandra (IDN)
Ferris Stanley (IDN)

Frank Hamming (NDL)
Hugo Gustinelli (FRA)

Janos Bracsok (HUN)

Jarno D’Hauw (BEL)
Jérémy Lamier (FRA)
Jordan Weekes (GBR)
Kevin Ryan (IRL)
Kieran Harrison (GBR)
Komang Yudiawan (IDN)
Lorenz Dougherty (GBR)

Luca D’Amelio (ITA)

Luis Felipe Capamadjian (PER)
Maximus Bt (FRA)

Michael Eyres (GBR)
Norbert Leitner (HUN)

Philip Kraus (USA)

Rasmus Busk (DNK)
Raynaldi Edo (IDN)
Rifqy Afiyat (IDN)
Romain Boeckler (FRA)
Rudy Cuppen (NLD)
Tomasz Wach (POL)

Yoann Rouyer (FRA)

Wopke Hoekstra (NLD)

Zsolt Szucs (HUN)

Founder/Principal/Driver – Indonesia
4 times Sim Racer Indonesia Champion
Team Manager/Driver – Australia
Motorsport Australia Official, Harlo Designs owner
Production Manager/Driver – Indonesia
Project Quality Control
Driver – United Kingdom
Ex iRacing WC Driver, EEWC GTR24H Champion Driver
Driver – Slovakia
National Formula Renault Champ, 4 times National Karting Champion
Driver – Indonesia
World Simsports Continental GT3 Champion, Sim Racer Indonesia Open Wheel (Non-Seeded) Champion
Driver – France
Sim Racer Indonesia Champion, iRacing NASCAR driver
Driver – Brazil
Virtual Endurance Championship – P2 in LMP2 class
Driver – Netherlands
2nd in Sebring 12h (GTR24H)
Driver – United Kingdom
Vehicle Artist (Codemasters), Virtual Endurance Championship Driver
Driver – Netherlands
Porsche iRacing Cup 2020 Challenger
Race Engineer – Brazil
Porsche Cup Brazil’s Race Engineer

Driver – France
GT Academy Finalist, 6th in Petit Le Mans 2019
Driver – Bulgaria
Official McLaren rFactor 2 competition contender
Driver – Indonesia
World Simsports Champion
Driver – Brazil
2 times Brazilian FWD (TN2) Champion (2014, 2015)
Driver – Slovakia
Top 30 Raceroom Driver
Driver – Turkey
Virtual Endurance Championship Driver
Driver – Netherlands
Winner in Virtual Endurance Championship
Driver – Brazil
Formula Renault Series (FN2) Champion
Driver – Sweden
2nd in Virtual Endurance Championship Division 1 (LMP2 class)
Driver – Brazil
2nd place in Silverstone Virtual Endurance Championship D2 18-19
Driver – Indonesia
IDMC, GT Sport Driver

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